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The Official Site of the Borough of Freehold, New Jersey

All terms are for a 3 year term.  Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.


       Name                                 Term Expires
Dick Dalik, Cl. C                          12/31/16
6 Schiverea Ave.
David Loring, Cl. C.                     12/31/14
106 Broad St.
Barbara Wagner, Cl. C                 12/31/15
26 East Main St.
Kevin Coyne, Cl. C                      12/31/15
54 Broadway
Anthony DiFlumeri, Cl. C              12/31/14
81 E. Main St.
Robert Sive, Cl. C – Alt. I            12/31/16
76 Barkalow Ave
Muriel Smith                              12/31/14
21 Monument St.
Gregory Clark,                            12/31/15
Bach & Clark
42 E. Main St.
Gil Burgess,                                12/31/16
45 Hudson St.
Nelson Kuperberg                     12/31/14
74 Broadway
                                Michael DiBenedetto, 2014 Council Representative
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