The Official Site of the Borough of Freehold, New Jersey


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. All terms are for three years.
Name                                   Term Expires
Sheryl Mott                                  12/31/16
P.O.Box 711
30 East Main Street
Carol Lida                                     12/31/15
27 Bennett Street
Gianna Dell’Omo                         12/31/15
25 Broadway
Rev. William Frederickson        12/31/16
Jane Fields                                    12/31/16
25 Conover Street

Christine Gregory                         12/31/15
42 West George Street

 Tammy Ciok                                   12/31/16
 Rabbi Edward Freidman             12/31/16
Police Chief Glenn M Roberts 
John Reiff, Police Department Representative  
Dan Xavier, School Board Liaison
Jim Keelan, Alternate
Jaye Sims, Council Representative 2013


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