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The Official Site of the Borough of Freehold, New Jersey



How can I get a  copy of my recycling & trash collection schedule?

Schedules are available at Borough Hall (732 462-4200) and online at   Free recycling pails are available to residents who request them by calling 732 462-4200.


Why didn’t they pickup my trash today?

Residents are permitted to place up to six bags of trash at the curb for collection.

No yard debris (branches, leaves, etc.), hazardous materials, or recyclables  may be included  with household trash.


When should I put my recycling out?

Place the recyclables at the curb the evening before pickup.  All your recyclable items may be placed out on the same day for pickup.  This would include your glass, tin, plastic, and metal items as well as newspapers & cardboard.  Please tie newspapers and  cardboard in bundles no more than 12 inches tall. 

Metal items such as old swing sets,  barbecues, etc. require a special pickup.  Arrangements for the free pickup may be made by calling 732 462-4200.


 How should I dispose of an old appliance?

There is a fee to dispose of old appliances in the Borough.  For  those appliances which contain Freon (refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.) the fee is $70.00.   For appliances which do not contain Freon (washer, dryer, dishwasher), the fee is $35.00.   Checks should be made payable to “the Borough of Freehold”, and mailed to the Borough at 51 West Main Street, FreeholdNJ07728.  Appliances will be picked up on the following Wednesday.



When is bulk pickup in the Borough?

Residents may place up to 3 bulk items out for pickup on their second trash collection day each week (Thursday or Friday).


How can I dispose of some old paint cans?

For Latex paint, open the can and allow it to completely dry out.  Then place the paint cans out for pickup on your second trash collection day of the week (Thursday or Friday).  For non-Latex paint, please call the County Recycling office for instructions at 732 683-8686.


Where can I get rid of an old computer?

Electronic devices such as computers, televisions, monitors ,printers, etc. must now be recycled.  Please bring these items to the DPW site located at 161 Center St. for disposal.  The site is open from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  It is also open on the first Saturday of each month from 7:00 a.m. – noon.



When are brush and leaves collected in the Borough?

Curbside brush pickup is held during the months of March, July and October, and leaf collection is held during the Spring and Fall.  Brush should be no longer than 4 ft. in length.   Residents may also take their brush and leaves to the DPW site located at 161 Center Street.  Leaves should be placed in clear plastic bags.


 What about grass clippings?

The Borough does not collect grass clippings.  Residents are encouraged to use them as compost.  MonmouthCounty recycling will accept the clippings for a slight fee.  You may contact them at 732 683-8686.


Who will repair a large pothole in front of my home?

Please report the location of the pothole to 732 462-4200. 


 How can I have a street light repaired?

Please report the location of the pole, and, if possible,  the pole number to 732 462 4200.


 Tree branches are hitting the roof of my home. How can I have them trimmed?

Trees which are located between the sidewalk and the curb are the property of Freehold Borough, and they are maintained by the Shade Tree Commission.  Please notify the Commission at 732 462-4200 of any problems you may experience with the trees.


 Loud noise is a problem in my neighborhood.  To whom can I report the problem?

All issues which affect the quality of life such as loud noise, public urination, drug dealing, etc. should be reported to a special hotline established for such complaints – 732 462-5812.  Callers may remain anonymous if they wish.


 How should I report a sewer backup in my basement?

Please call the Borough before you call a plumber in order to determine who is responsible to repair the problem.   Borough personnel are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist you.  During regular business hours, you should report the problem by calling 732 462-4200.  All other times, please call the police at 732 462 1244 and they will notify Water & Sewer department personnel.






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